Acacia is an unassuming jewel of restaurant tucked away in the center of Carytown.  We went there yesterday for date night and we loved it!  

First, we were delighted to see that we wouldn't have to fight for a parking spot; they valet park for free! Yay!  
The decor was beautiful!  I love the colors of brown and sage.  There was a stunning mural across one of the back walls that was several feet long, and there was even a row of bubble ornaments floating directly in front of us.  The weather was warm, so they opened their front windows and we spent the evening watching the rain fall.
A wonderful feature I highly recommend taking advantage of is their pre-fixe menu which is a three course meal for $24 per person!  This is served from 5:30-6:30 (you just have to be seated by 6:30).  What a steal! 

One disappointment I had that was that we were seated directly beside of one of the only two couples in the restaurant, and we were only about 12 inches away from them.  This was especially disappointing because I called and asked about their seating policy and the person taking our reservation said she would make a note that we'd like "elbow room."  I don't understand why restaurants don't spread their seating out.  It would seriouly force the waiter to take about two extra steps and would give guests more privacy and intimacy, especially when the restaurant is empty!!  I just don't get it!

On to the food.  We started with a "small plate" of hushpuppies with scallions and crab.  This was the only other feature I did not like.  For $5 you get three tiny hushpuppies with specks of crab and a tiny amount of scallions.  Sorry, but I could easily have gotten these from Long John Silver's and for the same price, I've could have gotten 20.  They were yummy, don't get me wrong, but come on.
Next we both had simple salads featuring apples, golden raisins, blue cheese, and a homemade vinaigrette.  These were delicious and had great flavors.  We especially loved the candied pecans!
For our entrees, I had the trout with a basil sauce.  It was excellently prepared and I LOVED the sauce.  It was very creative and paired well with everything on the plate.  Matt had  trout with cheddar cheese grits and local greens with pine nuts which he thought was great as well.  
Finally, for dessert I had the raspberry pana cotta.  It was light and flavorful; just what I wanted after eating several courses.  
We will definitely be going back to Acacia!  I loved the atmosphere and the service was excellent.  The food was amazing and at the pre-fix price was very affordable.  I hope we'll get a better spot next time, but all of its other features almost make up for the way they seat folks. 
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