I had to work this weekend so we went out last night for a little R&R between shifts. 
Stronghill is located just off of broad, north of Carytown.  I love the decor inside and out.  
This is the awesome mural on the inside which was just above our booth.  Speaking of which, we had a great table by the window tucked away in the back, away from the door.  
I started off with a bowl of the soup du jour: creamy roasted tomato with Parmesan cheese.  I liked it a lot; it was spicy but the cheese kept it mellow.
For my entree, I also had one of the specials: rockfish with crispy potatoes and green beans.  I loved the meat - a thick, luscious white fish.  The flavors were okay; definitely good overall, but not spectacular.
Matt had the flank steak, ordered medium rare.  It's texture was on the tougher side.  However, he said that the flavor was excellent and made up for it.  It was served with creamy mashed potatoes and green beans.
For dessert, we ordered the boston cream "cheese cake" but were served the wrong dessert after waiting about half an hour.  (I think the crowd must have picked up suddenly around 8:00 pm). They took it off our bill and sent the one we ordered in a to-go box on the house, which I thought was very nice.  The dessert wasn't creamy, though - it was on the firmer side, like it needed to warmed up for about an hour.  I decided it wasn't worth the calories and skipped it after a few bites.
I liked Stronghill.  It's a very cute restaurant with a good atmosphere.  The staff was very friendly and went out of their way to fix a mistake anyone could make on a busy Saturday night, which we really appreciated.  The food was good, but not outstanding.  Overall, another nice place to dine in Richmond.
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